Since 1984
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Argon Sette srl Unipersonale is a company that designs and produces branded work clothes for mass distribution. The experience we have gained over the years means we can supply garments made with materials and tailoring in line with their intended use. For over 30 years we have been attentive to and able to meet the requirements of the large brands of the mass distribution industry, supplying hardwearing clothes with all the non-allergenic and non-toxicity assurances.

Argon Sette srl Unipersonale dresses all types of workers, from cashiers to department operators and from counter operators to management groups. The company’s know-how and organisation mean that we can offer customers high quality products and precise customised services. The production is 100% ITALIAN with every garment made by small associated companies located no more than 30 km from our premises. Argon Sette’s registered office is in Valsamoggia in the Province of Bologna at a factory owned by us, which includes a storage warehouse with products ready for dispatch, enabling us to guarantee fast delivery. ARGON Sette s.r.l. has always pursued its priority aim of obtaining maximum customer satisfaction through the perceived and proven quality of its products.

Since it was founded in 1984, Argon Sette has used a work method with solid foundations based on the suitability of the resources provided and careful assessment of the external suppliers.

Our Clients

Attention to detail, including aesthetic details, careful choice of fabrics and tailor-made cuts have always been the distinctive features of our clothes which are designed to be the official face of our clients' companies. Global control of materials throughout the production process, respect for EU accident prevention standards in force and UNI EN ISO 9001 certification are further guarantees of the quality that distinguishes us everywhere.

Argon Sette srl designs and develops collections of work garments based on company requirements and its brand, with respect for the colours and professional nature of the industry in which our customers work. It also offers a fast service with minimum quantities in each size of all the garments we have sold in stock ready for delivery.

Functionality, convenience and aesthetics are the aims pursued in the development of every collection, in order to offer a unique product that is a good investment over time.

Argon Sette srl is the official supplier of primary national and international companies. CONAD Consortium • Coop Estense, Coop Lombardia, Nova Coop Torino, Nova Coop Tirreno, Coop Centro Italia and Coop Sicilia IPERCOOP and SUPERMARKETS • DESPAR, EUROSPAR and INTERSPAR SUPERMARKETS and HYPERMARKETS • IKEA ITALIA • SIDIS • SIGMA Consortium • CRAI Consortium • SISA Consortium • BENNET Group • UNICOMM, MEGA, A&O, FAMILA Group.